Dancing in the Dark

A few years ago Simon Wallace and I worked on the extraordinary Springsteen song Dancing in the Dark.  Although we performed it live, we never recorded it. But then lockdown came and found I couldn’t stop singing it (“I'm just tired and bored with myself”).


Because for us in the performing arts, with the venues dark, we watch the news, howl at the politicians, and wait for that spark. 

I called Simon and he agreed it was the one that got away. And so in true lockdown fashion, he recorded and filmed himself in London, while I recorded and filmed myself in Stockport. Then he magicked us together, found some gorgeous Japanese dancing and we decided to release it as a single. 

Because Bruce got it bang on. Right now, all of us, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, we're all Dancing in the Dark.


"Jungr and Wallace's Dancing in the Dark is exquisite: a balm that we need right now. It also prompts a hopeful anticipation of that future moment - whenever it may be - when we can join together again to hear the song in live performance, in that very special communion that a Jungr show provides."  


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