Forgetful Heart Single Cover.jpeg

Vocals and Harmonica: Barb Jungr

Keyboard: Jenny Carr
Bass: Dudley Phillips
Produced by Christoph Bracher

Written by Bob Dylan

Publisher credit: “Forgetful Heart”
Robert C Christie Hunter - Warner Chappell North America Limited/ Bob Dylan-Sony/Atv Music Publishing (Uk) Ltd

Forgetful Heart

“I’ll sing Dylan and Cohen till I shed this mortal coil and through the last year I’ve been thinking about their love songs, from the earliest explorations to the most recent recordings because it’s now time for love now. How to love more and with more freedom. How to love everyone and everything. To elevate to the beauty and purity of love. So I return to two of the greatest alchemists of love songs ever, and all their wild wonder.” - Barb