‘Kristalyn is my label, my decision making.
‘There’s only so much of a line you’re prepared to cross…only so much of a strain you’re prepared to take.
Hard Rain came to me and demanded to be sung.  It felt right, like it all fitted together.’

'Not a word or an implication missed in interpretations that conveyed the knowledge of a crusading forensic scientist passionately uncovering the truth.' 

The New York Times

'Two towering masters of Jewish American song provide the raw material for Barb's rich voice and finely details jazzy arrangements. A notable achievement.'

The Daily Mirror

'Jungr finds new paths through what might seem familiar material. 1000 Kisses Deep is simply heart-stopping. Jungr's attention to timbre and nuance brings new depth to every syllable.'

The Sunday Times

'Enraged by our government’s injustice-fostering mission, Jungr needed lyrics of politics and philosophy. Hard Rain is the thrilling result.'

The Independent