‘Her comic patter is an integral part of the act. At a recent gig she told the audience: “Some of my own songs are autobiographical – so this one’s for anyone who’s got divorced after a camping trip to Skye."’

The Daily Telegraph

"It’s very personal...While you could say it’s an album of love songs “Night and day, you are the one…” could mean, your friend’s died"


Kind of Jazz

'Barb Jungr is one of the best storytellers in the business...we hear about 'Bob, Brel & Me', a little of Barb's past, what lies ahead - and music from the new album.'

Jazz Matters Podcast 2019

'To describe the mesmerizing British entertainer Barb Jungr as a cabaret singer would be as simplistic as calling Bob Dylan a folkie.' 

The New York Times

'People ask me: "How can you have had this international career coming from Rochdale?" I don't think I 'broke into' the music business, I think I slid into it atom by atom, over a long period of time...' 

Female First

'I tend to be drawn to songs and songs are drawn to me — it’s not a one-way street. I have to be an instrument for the song' 

Write on Music