Barb Jungr & Michael Parker
Over The Bridge

CD Over The Bridge cover.png

This March sees the very first official (digital only) release of Jungr and Parker collection "Over The Bridge". Originally, the compilation was put together on CD for the duo to sell at their gigs on the alternative cabaret circuit in the early 1990s and is only now being made available to the public at large. Comprising 20 original tracks,


Over The Bridge beautifully showcases their enormous class, charm and talent. More than 30 years later, these timeless songs, including Shopping For One, Proud Knees Bend, Don’t Think I’ll Be Going Out Today, Old Times Sake, That’s What Started Me Thinking and Wendy’s Not There Anymore, are well overdue the recognition that they truly deserve.

“I was going over the Jungr and Parker archive recently and re-discovered Over The Bridge. This was a compilation CD we made in 1990 of previously recorded material we had put onto cassettes - that’s how long ago it was! Michael Parker and I were weave your own recordings people. Independent and challenging for companies in terms of our then radical mix of folk, jazz, roots and country, we had emerged out of the late 70s early 80s alternative cabaret circuit and we wandered freely across boundaries musically and performance-space wise.


Our recordings were never released publicly, they were available at gigs. And now, so many years later, I thought maybe it’s time they were properly available. So I gave them to the wonderful Christoph Bracher and he sent me new re-masters and I knew it was time.


Michael Parker, my long-time collaborator and friend, died in 2017. And though his friends and many musicians knew what a terrific player, singer and writer he was, the world never got to find out. I am hoping they will, now. I hope you’ll enjoy this original material we recorded 30 plus years ago, as much as I do.” (Barb)