When I met John McDaniel in New York I had no idea that we would become both firm friends and create the very personal pieces we have made together, Come Together and Float Like A Butterfly, which I am hugely proud of.


John has a master's harmonic understanding and sings like an angel, and together we've explored harmony singing, one of my great loves. Both our Beatles collection and the Sting collection have become firm fan favourites. 


We can only work together live intermittently because of living in different countries, But when we do…….

Come Together

Brilliant re-inventions of songs from the iconic Beatles catalogue. With inventive arrangements, and flawless harmonies, Barb Jungr and John McDaniel Perform The Beatles, combines the fab four with the dynamic duo to amazing effect.


'Barb Jungr is a genuine original, deploying warmth, high drama and sensitive musicality to reinvent everything she sings. Her supple and versatile voice glows like a hearth on a winter’s day, and her emotional intelligence is faultless: She knows just how a song should feel. Here she teams up with John McDaniel to explore the oeuvre of Police man turned solo superstar Sting.'

Time Out New York