Bob, Brel and Me is the latest album on Kristalyn by genre-defying singer/songwriter, Barb Jungr - joined by some of the finest musicians around

OUT SEP 7, 2019

'Barb already has considerable form with Dylan & Brel, so it’s pleasing to see her Barb’s own songs providing a vital cement for the more well-known covers'

London Jazz News

'Jungr considers this album her finest recording, and she’s right. And she demonstrates she can write with the best of them.'

Kind of Jazz

 'Barb Jungr is the alchemist among jazz singers. She takes dubious songs, and turns them into gold. And she takes songs we already knew were gold, and makes them interestingly different.'

The Daily Telegraph

Barb Jungr Bob, Brel and Me_edited.jpg

bob, brel & me

Bob, Brel and Me showcases a performer at the top of her game, along with musicians Jamie Safir on piano/organ, Jenny Carr on piano/accordion, Mark Lockheart on saxophone, Pete Horsfall on trumpet, Davide Mantovani on bass Rod Youngs on drums, Gabriella Swallow on cello, and The Fourth Choir, a London-based LQBTQ ensemble.