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Your one stop shop for all things Kristalyn. Here you will find information on all of Barb Jungr's current and future releases alongside other artists releases on the Kristalyn Label.

I named Kristalyn records after my sisters, who are always in my thoughts. They both left for the Great Bar and Lunch Garden in the Sky far too young.

I thought they’d keep an eye on me, and Kristalyn. And they have.

I'm proud to say my first release, Hard Rain a re-imagining of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen songs, won many awards.

“The only word to describe her dramatic interpretations is revelatory –

I was open mouthed with astonishment.”

New York Times

Following the success of Hard Rain, and encouraged by fans, I decided to release some of my back catalogue, from classic British 80s cabaret Blue Devils

To new beginnings Bare Again

In pursuit of the perfect song, I happily joined Grammy and Emmy award-winner John McDaniel on Come Together, a radical reworking of Beatles' songs.

And Float Like a Butterfly, The Songs of Sting -

also in collaboration with John McDaniel.

And I'm delighted to say my most recent Kristalyn album, Bob, Brel and Me, was,

on release, number 1 in iTunes Jazz Singers!

And now the digital release, and first official release of, Over The Bridge, which is a compilation of 20 tracks written by myself and Michael Parker.